Saturday, June 16, 2012

Polygon repartition on an humanoid character

I was looking a thread about polygon count, and I wanted to check what it looked like in video-games productions.
Of course, the polygon count does not guarantee to have a good result. But if you start modeling a character, you should be aware of common constraints in videogames.
Once again, these numbers are examples, and can vary quite much depending on the technology and the needs. These numbers assume that we talk about
- An important character of a real-time game (not a enemy seen from very far)
- A character with a quite detailed face (seen on cinematic scenes or so)

On the picture below, you see values of  ModelA, a Lara Croft model taken from this site. The triangle count is a bit high for a game (30K) but this a good example.
The values in green are taken from a model from a recent game I was involved in, so it's real video-game data. The results are similar.

 To summarize, I would recommand:

- 30 % of triangles in the chest and arms
- 2x 5% of triangles in the hands (assuming the character has to handle things, and all fingers are skinned)
- 20 % of triangles on the legs and shoes (assuming no skinned toes : )
- 25 % of triangles in head (facial represents an important part, specially an important part of bones !)
- 15 % of triangles in the hairs (depends on character of course)

I would be happy to hear about other examples in your real-time video-game production (not for a CG offline-rendered character), so feel free to comment !

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